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Get to Know Us: Aaron Podolsky

Aaron Podolsky

Getting to know Aaron!

Get to Know Us: Aaron Podolsky

Aaron Podolsky takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on service, integrity & positive results. As a long-time, well-regarded resident of Cameron Station, Podolsky uses his extensive knowledge and love for his community to ensure every transaction is seamless.

He handles all aspects of the transaction, including buying, selling, renting and staging within CS and the surrounding west-end of Alexandria. Exceptional service, unrivaled performance and quality results are what you can expect. Whether representing you in a buy, sell or rental, Podolsky treats every transaction as if it were his own. He utilizes the latest technology, market research and business strategies to exceed expectations.  He listens to his clients and is able to find solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. With degrees in business and psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, Aaron understands what makes people tick, and uses that knowledge to find out exactly what they are looking for.

Podolsky is a strong negotiator, demonstrating this in each transaction. He spent 12 years trading equities on Wall Street, negotiating trades with the largest mutual and hedge funds in the country. His experience has parlayed perfectly into Real Estate, and is quantifiable with the exceptional results that he has provided for his clients. Let Aaron Podolsky and the Podolsky Group show you how easy buying and selling can be, without sacrificing your bottom line.

Get to know Aaron in his own words, below!
Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious, perceptive and talented

How did you get into real estate?: In 2011 I made a career change from trading equities with the top hedge funds and mutual funds in the country and transitioned into real estate, which in fact has a lot of similarities to buying and selling real estate, especially when it comes to negotiating.  I wanted to work with people not computers, help assist people and most couples/individuals largest financial decision they make.  I saw an opportunity in the community that I live in, the market was dominated by very few agents.  I knew with my financial expertise, hands on service and personality, I could quickly succeed in the industry.

Best part of being a realtor: Talking with people and helping solve their housing needs, while running my own business and not having to work the corporate structure.

Biggest challenge as a realtor: Turning it off. Service is key to my business, with that encompasses taking on the responsibility to service clients whenever, wherever. Finding a balance is difficult, selling or buying a home is a stressful time in most people’s lives and I hate to let down even 1 client.

Best advice for first time buyers: Although it important to think of the long term investment of a property, buy a home that you can make your home, the rest will fall into place.

Best advice for those trying to sell: It comes down to 3 things, price, timing, and staging. If you get those right, you can’t miss.

Got any funny on the job stories?: Ferret me a home…I have shown a lot of properties over the years, but this one takes the cake.  While showing a home in the Fairfax Station area, we came across a lovely home situated on 4 acres of land.  We arrived to be greeted by the owners. All seemed pretty normal until we went into the laundry room.  Now you need to picture this, if you have ever been to a bakery or donut shop you can appreciate the metal stacking racks that usually hold the baked goods. This was somewhat similar, 3 racks of at least 5 feet high, with cage after cage of yes, Ferrets. There must have been over 100 since many shared cages.  After making a b-line out of the room, the owners said, “Oh you saw the ferrets, we rescue them”…ok so I re-thought my initial reaction, it seemed like a noble thing to do, so I let it go for a few seconds. What came out of their mouths next had us exiting the home shortly thereafter.  They said thank you for taking interest in our home and taking a tour, we spent the last couple hours getting all the ferrets into the cages as we feel it best to allow them to live freely in the home with us….THANKS owners!! I am Ferret-ly certain that home didn’t sell anytime soon after...

What’s your favorite part of the neighborhood where you live?: The neighbors, I have become great friends with many and I never can get far down the street on a walk without being greeted by so many great people.

What’s something that might surprise others about you?: I am very, very calm person until you find me negotiating a contract.  I hate to lose and I make sure it doesn’t happen very often.

Tell us about your dream home: My dream home would be situated on a cliff in St. Barths, 1 or two levels of open space, lots of large windows, modern of course, a perimeter-overflow pool, spa like bathrooms and a kitchen that a professional chef would be impressed by.  Why the location? If you have ever been to the island you wouldn’t ask.  Great food, great people and weather you can’t get sick of.

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The Podolsky Group takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. Podolsky utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations.

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